Our awareness and response to death seems to me to color all our efforts, the situation of unbearable loss in which we find ourselves leaks through our subconscious and guides the construction of systems of meaning generation. Buried in the hidden languages of myth and symbol are all the manifestations of human desire and experience, our darkest urges and highest aspirations coded into foundational stories, the blueprint for our collective psyche and the fingerprint of our species. I am interested in both the power inherit in these archetypical forms of communication as well as demystifying them, the desire to subtly attack them born out of a love for their beauty and a disgust for the pious excess which so often springs from them.

I work in a wide range of media; from oil and encaustic to ink, crayon and collage. The figure is a near-constant prescience; sometimes photo-real, sometimes a schoolyard scrawl, grouped together for comfort or isolated violently, flesh sensuously elevated with classical techniques or debased with blasphemous casualness. The combination of mathematical and geometric formulations with a more primal and undisciplined mark making are used to advance both the conceptual foundation of the work and create a luxurious and seductive surface quality.

David Philip Quady